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St. John is an American luxury house that was founded in 1962. A fascinating coming together of craft and couture based on the premise of a simple, yet elegant knit dress. Over the years, the brand has evolved, but the basis for the collection remains the same today as it did from the very start — effortless, alluring and refined clothing that appeals to women all over the world. Unique American Design with a core in signature innovative knits.

Known for its innovative and extensive manufacturing capabilities, St. John is a vertical operation, controlling virtually every stage of the design and manufacturing process.

St. John uses only the highest quality wool from suppliers that are known for their fine white wool with above average strength and purity.
In order to ensure consistent quality, wool can only be purchased from a limited area, and only a small percentage of sheep can meet the strict standards set by St. John.

An innovative 2-step process spins wool and rayon together to create exclusive blends that are used in many of St. John knit fabrications.
Knits made with these blends retain their shape and form and resists sagging, wrinkling and pilling.

In-house dyeing has been the standard since 1981. St. John employs a full-time chemist to create the vibrant colors it's known for.
Only the highest quality dyes from the finest companies in the world are used in the St. John dyeing process.

Each garment is knit sequentially from the same cone of yarn to guarantee color consistency.
The sequential process ensures the highest quality achievable and eliminates any form of shading within the garment.

Decorative touches such as beads, crystals, and affixed embellishments are applied by hand, and buttons are hand sewn during the finishing process.
St. John buttons are handcrafted and gilded with 24-karat gold or rhodium.
Affixed embellishments are applied at an extremely high temperature to ensure the garment will withstand repeated wear and dry cleaning.

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For general inquiries regarding St. John, please contact us at 1–877–SJK–KNIT or at customerservice@sjk.com



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For international inquiries, please contact international@sjk.com



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